Parking and Vehicle Registration

Residents must register all their vehicles with the Secretary of the Association within 30 days of moving into the community. You can do so by logging into your LMCA Resident Portal and updating your vehicle information there. Residents also must notify the Secretary within 30 days of any changes in vehicle ownership – purchasing a new vehicle and/or disposing of a vehicle. Residents will be issued a LMCA window decal for each vehicle that must be displayed in the lower left corner of the rear window, or in the case of convertibles and motorcycles, in another easily visible location. The LMCA Board has authorized a penalty of $10 per day for continuing violations or a $50 penalty per offense, as is permitted by the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act, for failure to obtain or display a vehicle decal. Residents can contact the Secretary at [email protected].

For more information, please read the LMCA Parking and Vehicle Policy.