How can I obtain a new mailbox key?

The mailboxes are property of the United States Postal Service. New keys can be ordered through the local post office. The phone number for the USPS Franconia located at 5221 Franconia Road is 703-971-1003.

How do I get a copy of the Association’s Certificate of Insurance?

You can download a copy of the Certificate of Insurance (COI) for Landmark Mews here.

What is a Homeowners Association?

The Association is a legal corporation organized and incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Association has Articles of Incorporation that entitle the association to exercise powers of a corporation. By purchasing a home within your community association, you automatically become a member of the association and will remain so for as long as you own your home. Membership in the association is mandatory and automatic for all owners. The deed to each lot and/or parcel specifically designates that the property owner will comply with the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R’s) of the association. You should have received a copy of these documents at the time your home purchase was closed by the title company. As a property owner in a community association, you will be required to pay assessments, abide by the community’s rules and restrictions, and maintain those areas of your home for which you are responsible.


The visitor parking lots are largely empty during the day. Why can’t LMCA homeowners park there?

The almost certain availability of convenient guest parking is a significant advantage Landmark Mews enjoys over many other communities. It is a convenience for homeowners and enhances property values. Prior to the restrictions, LMCA homeowners used the visitor parking lots to accommodate extra cars, to free their garages for storage, or as long-term storage while on travel.

What if I have house guests?

House guests may park in visitor parking for up to two weeks. Just place a large note on the dashboard, clearly visible from the outside, indicating the resident’s address the guest is visiting.

May I park a car in the visitor’s lot and let my guest park in my driveway?

Yes. Leave a note on the dash, clearly visible from outside the car, identifying your address and that this is what you are doing.

If I park outside LMCA walls, how can I protect against vandalism?

If you are uncomfortable with leaving cars on the street overnight, you may move them inside at 8:00 pm –10:00 am the following day.

My family lives with us for the summer. How can I accommodate the extra cars?

After the two-week grace period for house guests, your guests should park their cars outside the walls. They may park inside after 8:00 pm.

The police do not seem to enforce the yellow, fire lane no-parking restrictions. Why can’t I park there and accept the risk of ticketing?

The Fairfax County police focus their resources on crime prevention and not parking tickets – as they should. However, that should not be license to ignore the no-parking restrictions. Community interests are at risk when fire lane parking restrictions are ignored:

  • Potential impediment for emergency vehicles.
  • Inconveniences neighbors.
  • Unsightly – our open streets contribute to a favorable ambiance.
  • Suggests disregard for other community rules.
  • Jeopardizes county waiver that allowed us to remove the unsightly, rusting metal “no parking in fire lane” signs – because the community understood and would adhere to the no-parking requirements, even when the snow obliterated the yellow curbs.
  • Scofflaw approach makes unnecessary work for LMCA volunteers who must take on what should be the unnecessary job of fire lane parking enforcement.

[Note: LMCA does not enforce the no-parking rules on contractors doing on-site work.]

My vehicle has been towed from a visitor’s parking space in Landmark Mews, who should I call?

Landmark Mews uses the following towing companies:

  • Henry’s Towing 703-698-8900 or 703-273-6767
  • A1 Towing 703-971-2600

What about parking moving vans and portable storage containers in parking spaces?

Parking a moving van/truck for less than 24 hours does not require approval. Residents needing to park moving and other storage vehicles for more than 24 hours need to notify the HOA, which can grant a permit for no more than three days. Regarding portable storage containers, residents must notify the HOA in writing seven days prior to the date the resident receives delivery of the storage container. The portable container may occupy one parking space as designated by the HOA for no more than three days.


How is the Board of Directors elected? What is the election process?

The members of the association vote to elect the Board of Directors. The association elects board members for staggered terms so that knowledge of the community is retained. The association’s Governing Documents outlines the process for board elections. The board elections take place at the annual membership meeting. Owners must be in good standing (current in assessments and in compliance with association covenants) to run for a board seat or vote in the election. A vote may be cast by ballot at the meeting or by proxy prior to the meeting. Typically, all votes are tallied, and results are announced at the meeting. Board positions that may become vacant during the year may be filled by board appointment or at the Annual Meeting.

What is the purpose of the Board of Directors and what is their role?

The Board of Directors is responsible for maintaining the assets of the community, ensuring the financial health of the association, determining the level of services, and establishing policies and/or rules and regulations governing the use of the common areas. The Board has a fiduciary responsibility to do what is in the best interest of the association and to provide leadership in community affairs as dictated by the Governing Documents. This includes timely collection of assessments as well as payments made for services provided to the Association. In general, the Board Members are the decision makers for the Association. The Board of Directors is made up of individual homeowners who live within the Landmark Mews and who are elected to that position by the members of the Association. All affairs of Landmark Mews Community Association are governed by the Board of Directors.

Your Board of Directors makes decisions for your Association. However, they are volunteers and receive no compensation for the jobs that they perform.

Are the Board of Directors’ meetings open to all homeowners?

Yes. The time and place are listed in the monthly Mews News newsletter, and the Mews website (www.landmarkmews.com). Due to COVID, meetings are currently held on Zoom on the third Wednesday of each month. The Zoom log-in information is provided on the website and newsletter.

How can I get hard copy of the Homeowners Association Governing Documents and Architectural Standards?

Electronic copies of the Governing Documents and Architectural Standards are available on the website.


Do we have a budget?

Yes. Associations adopt annual budgets each fiscal year. This budget is available to all owners online in accordance with LMCA’s Governing Documents. The budget is developed by the Board, with the assistance of SCS. The budget is developed over a period time in open meetings so that homeowners will have the opportunity to understand how assessments are set.

How can I find out how my Association dues are being utilized?

The Treasurer can provide you with this information. However, your Association has an Annual Meeting where your Board of Directors discusses the financial aspect of the Association with the homeowners. Attending this meeting can be very enlightening and helps each homeowner understand the workings of a Homeowners Association. Additionally, you may also attend a monthly Board meeting, where the financial status is discussed.

How do I pay my monthly assessments?

Homeowners are able to access their HOA accounts online by registering with the Associa® Access web portal Town Square (TownSq), which allows homeowners to access their account information in real time. If you are a first-time user, you will need to register with your account number (minus the zeros and hyphen and zip code) and create your own user I.D. and password. Please note: You must use a desktop or laptop for initial account setup, but all subsequent transactions can be made using any device (e.g., phone, tablet, laptop or desktop).

If you don’t know your account number, you can either contact the Landmark Mews Treasurer at [email protected], or reach out to Lisa Grissom, SCS Customer Service, at 703-631-2003 ext. 1 ([email protected]), to find it out.

Once you’ve registered with TownSq, you can make payments online, set-up direct debits, etc. Just click on the link below to register.

Register Today! Have Your Account # Ready!


What are Assessments and how are they spent?

In order for the Board to accomplish the many tasks for which it is responsible, the association needs operating funds for daily maintenance, repairs, administration and adequate Reserve funds for major repairs or replacements of capital items. As a member of the association, you are required to pay a share of the costs.


Must I formally request Covenants Committee advance approval of proposed changes to my property?

Yes — For changes to the exterior of the house, including fences and landscaping – unless the Architectural Standards specifically authorize the change. (See Architectural Standards in Homeowner’s Packet or view it online).

If I do not make any changes, but simply want to maintain what I already have, must I seek Covenants Committee approval.

A: Maintenance, per se, does not require prior approval – providing there is no difference in design, materials, or color. For example, repainting with the same color scheme, replacing the roof with the same color shingles, or replacing bushes or trees with identical species would not require approval. Changing colors, materials, design, landscape design, etc. does require prior Covenants Committee approval. (See Architectural Standards in Homeowner’s Packet or view it online).

Why do I need to request Covenants Committee approval for changes that I see on other houses?

Please see the Architectural Standards to determine if they specifically authorize the change in question. If it does not, you must submit a request for approval. This is the only way the community can effectively enforce architectural standards. Prior approval protects homeowners against problems surfacing at subsequent inspections or upon resale. Another potential homeowner benefit from Covenants Committee review is being able to draw upon lessons learned based on Covenants Committee knowledge of similar jobs.

Do I need approval for landscaping changes?

Yes, unless concealed within the fenced backyard area.

Are signs allowed in Landmark Mews?

Per Article VII Section 11. No signs of any type shall be displayed to public view on any Lot or the Common Area without the prior written consent of the Association and shall be subject to such rules as the Board may promulgate. The Association shall be deemed to have consented to display such signs as they are customarily associated with marketing of real estate provided such signs are promptly removed after a Lot has sold. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Board shall have the right to establish guidelines to permit a reasonable number of small decorative items in yards, including small signs, such as No Peeing and Home Security signs.


What days are trash and recyclables picked up?

  • Trash: Tuesday and Friday
  • Recyclables: Thursday

Pick-up Time: 6:00 am or later. We highly recommend using sturdy black bags or trash bins and putting trash out the morning of pick-up to prevent raccoons and other animals breaking into bags and spreading trash. We understand, however, that it is not always an option, so if you must put your trash out the preceding night, please do so after dark for community appearance and as courtesy to those walking the neighborhood.

Trash bins must be brought in before the end of the day on the day of pick-up. Empty bins should not be left out overnight.

Blue recycle bins are available. Please contact the Property Manager for a blue recycle bin at [email protected].

Glass Recycling: As of October 1, 2019, Fairfax County no longer accepts glass bottles and jars in the curbside recycling program. Residents should reuse glass containers or bring them to purple, glass-only recycling containers located throughout the region. If this is not possible, glass should be placed in the trash. The closest purple, glass-only recycling container is located just off Stevenson Avenue at Tower Court and South Whiting Street by the Alley Cat Restaurant.

What happens if the normal pick-up day is a holiday?

Regular pick-up is provided on all holidays except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. When regular pick-up day falls on one of these three holidays, pick-up will be the next regularly scheduled pick-up day.

Holiday Service Schedules are posted one week out before the holiday on the Landmark Mews website and Facebook page.

What will they take?

Bagged trash: Use heavy-duty black construction grade bags to fend off crows and raccoons.

Recyclables in blue bin: Newspapers and magazines in paper grocery bags or tie with heavy twine. Aluminum and rinsed out ferrous metal food cans.

Christmas trees: Natural Christmas trees are collected separately the first two weeks in January. No artificial trees or Christmas tree bags.

Yard Waste:  Grass and grass clippings, leaves, flowers, small prunings, straw and brush and twigs in PAPER YARD WASTE BAGS ONLY. These can be purchased from Amazon, Home Depot, or Lowes. Yard waste does not include soil, mulch, sod, stumps, whole trees, large branches or limbs, materials from land clearing, or home renovation projects.


  • Packing boxes, furniture, and other non-metal household items.
  • Ferrous metal/white good items, such as appliances, are subject to extra charges.
  • Advance notice required for all large pickups.

What are prohibited items?

Rocks, concrete, tree stumps, paint, motor oil, construction trash, combustibles, toxic or hazardous wastes, or any other material excluded from the disposal site, or any other applicable state or federal law, as being hazardous or toxic. (Customer is responsible for any costs of violations.)

[Note: Check specific items with the driver as the list might be smaller if the trash is going directly to the incinerator.]

Is it appropriate to remember the trash crew at Christmastime?

Certainly, if you are pleased with their service. Although you might not cross paths with the trash crew, AAA assigns one trash crew (driver and helper) to serve our neighborhood. Our experience has been that they have been generous in providing service beyond minimum contract requirements.


How much of my yard is the HOA landscape contractor supposed to maintain?

Everything outside the privacy fence including fertilize and mow the grass, mulch, and pruning except pruning of large trees, which is the homeowner’s responsibility. The homeowners are responsible for maintenance within the back yard fence.

How can I get the large trees pruned?

In recent years, the LMCA Property Manager has set up a package deal with a large, reputable tree contractor to do all LMCA work at one time, including trimming trees / tree removal for homeowners who want the service. Alternatively, you may make your own arrangements. If you would like to use the LMCA vendor, please contact [email protected].

I prefer to take care of my garden without help from the landscape contractor. Can I arrange for this?

Yes – through the LMCA property manager. You should also buy from a local hardware store an aluminum stake reflector (used to mark driveway edges) and place one in each garden you want the landscape workers to ignore.


Why are bird feeders and bird baths prohibited?

Attracting wildlife to your home with food and water affects neighbors and creates potential sanitation problems. Bird baths can breed mosquitoes. Bird food attracts squirrels, chipmunks, and rats. Neighbors get unwanted loads of bird poop.

Why can’t I feed wildlife?

Many people enjoy feeding wildlife because it allows them to have close encounters with animals and they believe the food is contributing to the overall health and survival of the animal. However, providing food to wild animals can have unintended negative consequences for both humans and wildlife.  Fairfax County wildlife officials are urging residents to stop feeding wildlife because (with few exceptions) it often does more harm than good. Animals of primary concern include raccoon, fox, deer, black bear and coyote.

Feeding of wildlife can threaten both human and animal safety. As wild animals are fed they tend to lose their natural fear of humans and become too comfortable in residential areas, appearing almost tame. These animals may be considered a nuisance or worse, may display bold or aggressive behaviors and pose a safety threat to people and domestic pets as a result of being fed.

“The best thing to do is refrain from feeding wildlife to minimize the impacts on the surrounding community and the animals themselves,” stated Dr. Katherine Edwards.

For more information, please visit Hunger Pains: Wildlife Officials Urge Residents to Stop Feeding Wildlife | Fairfax County Police Department News.

My dog is well trained. Why must I walk it on a leash?

It is Fairfax County law under the Animal Control and Care Ordinance. Fairfax County requires leashes to ensure dogs remain completely under their owner’s control. Fine is $250. Should you see a dog off leash, please contact Animal Protection Police at 703-691-2131.

Section 41.1-2-4. Unrestricted dogs prohibited; leash law. (a) No dog shall run unrestricted, as defined in Section 41.1-1-1, in the County. Any person who is the owner of a dog found unrestricted in the County shall be in violation of this Section.

Section 41.1-1-1. Unrestricted means not under the control of the owner or his agent either by leash, cord, chain, or primary enclosure when off the property or premises of the owner or custodian. An electronic device does not qualify as a leash, cord, or chain.

Why do I have to pick up my pet waste?

It is an environmental health hazard not to pick up your pet waste, and it is Fairfax County law under the Animal Control and Care Ordinance. It is also against the law in Alexandria City. Not picking up after your pet is 100% illegal – and inconsiderate of recreational walkers, landscape crews, and LMCA volunteers who use these areas. It undercuts our efforts to maintain an attractive entrance to the community.  Pet owners who violate the County’s pooper scooper law may incur a fine up to $250.

Pet waste left on the grass or in the woods makes its way to storm drains every time it rains. Storm drains lead to lakes or streams that ultimately lead to the Occoquan Reservoir and the Potomac Rivers, our drinking water supply. Pet waste may carry disease-causing organisms, which make water unsafe for swimming and more costly to treat for drinking.

Dog waste on the ground is ugly and messy. It pollutes our environment even if it is hidden in the bushes, under leaves or in the woods. Please pick up after your pets. Our health may depend on it.

What if stray animals or barking dogs become a nuisance?

Fairfax County Animal Protection Police (703-691-2131) has jurisdiction over these problems. Before calling the police, however, you should try to resolve the problem directly with the owner.


Who do I contact if I have a general question about Landmark Mews?

What Who Email Phone
Property Management
– Trash/recycles
– Mailboxes
– Landscaping
Roger Casalengo
Property Manager
[email protected]
HOA Board Michelle Shwimer
[email protected]
Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs)
– Exterior Modifications
Loren Sciurba
Covenants Chair
[email protected]
HOA Dues & Budget Kimberly Beach
[email protected]
Resident Directory
Parking Decals
Facebook Page
Email List
Maria Santos
[email protected]

How do I register a complaint about a neighbor?

First, try to resolve the matter directly with the neighbor.

If direct discussion does not solve the problem, explain in writing to the Board (with a copy to the neighbor) the facts, the action taken, and what solution you recommend. If possible, present it to the Board at a monthly meeting. Alternatively, you can mail it to the Association. The Board will formally act on the complaint as appropriate. Complaints should state the problem; identify the offending homeowner, and the date(s) of the offense(s). Just as in any court of law, the offender has the right to know who is complaining and what he/she is being accused of. He/she is also entitled to a hearing before the Board. Please be sure of your facts before filing complaints.

How do I register a complaint about the Association?

As above, the best way is to put your complaint in writing, so the issue is clear. Submit it to the Board, either in person at a monthly meeting, by mail, or email.

Who do I contact to report a street light outage?

To report a street light outage on Stultz Road, Stevenson Avenue, or Landmark Mews Drive, you can file a report here – Streetlight Outages | Virginia | Dominion Energy.